Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For A 1BHK Flat

Decorating a small home is a much more challenging task. You have to take many difficulties but necessary decisions while doing the interior decoration. But with these interior ideas for 1BHK homes, you should be able to do up your house in style.

1 BHK is typically a building that has 1 Bedroom, 1 Hall and 1 Kitchen. This 1BHK could either be a flat which is called as 1BHK flat or it can be an apartment which is popularly known as 1BHK apartment. There are many property sites that has various listings of 1 BHK flat for rent or 1 BHK apartment for rent. Some people would also search for 1 bedroom apartments for rent or 1 bedroom apartments or 1 bedroom flat to rent.

Here are the basic things that you require in a 1BHK apartment.

Colour Coding

A lot of doors and curtains make your house look smaller and clumsier. That’s the reason, you must use wall paint colours to demarcate areas in a tiny space. For example, you could paint one wall all red and the dining table against it. That becomes your dinning room inside the Hall.

Foldable Furniture

As many people look for interior ideas for 1BHK homes nowadays, foldable furniture is a rage. This sort of furniture is compact and saves space. Additionally, it have dual utility, For example sofa-cum-beds, foldable breakfast counters etc have been in very high demand nowadays.


You apartment should have curtains. They add a touch of elegance to the rooms and also makes the house look decorated. If your apartment is bright and gets full sunlight, use bright colours like orange or light blue. Men can use these colours whereas single women can use pink curtains. Use your creative skills to decorate the curtains with curtain rings or clutches.

Study table

Most of the working professionals or students staying in small BHKs, have a laptop and some books or novels. Why not buy a small table to keep them in style? Use a small corner in the living room and place the study table. Use lamps and stands to decorate the table and make the living room look fuller.

Small bed/sofa/chairs

Your room will have a bed or a mattress but what about the hall? You cannot leave it empty. So, place a small bed or mattress in the living room. You can also decorate the hall with sofa set or go plain with chairs. Hang decorated beads on the wall to make the sitting area bright and lively.

Rug mat

These days, rug mats are found in the living room, bedroom and in the study too. You can place soft rug mats in the living room near the bean bag or television set to relax and sit freely. Rug mats look cool. If you have sofa, place them underneath the center table to add a touch of elegance.

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