Saturday, 14 March 2015

Smart Organizing Ideas For Your Kitchen

The first step to making meal time easier? Starting with an organized kitchen! If you know where all your utensils, pots and pans, and ingredients are it will make getting dinner on the table that much faster. We’ve rounded up 13 products and ideas that will help you get your kitchen in tip top shape. Your next culinary masterpiece is waiting.

We don't know anyone who isn't perpetually pursuing a neater, more organized kitchen. That's why we're always on the lookout for great ideas and inspiration the best way to organize small bags of flour, for example, or how to set up your fridge to best serve your cooking. And of course, we could look at pictures of organized kitchen cabinets and shelves all day long.                              
The best place to begin is to clarify your goal by writing down the types of activities that will occur in this particular place. Does the kitchen need to house kids’ craft items, or is there another room more suitable for this?  Is there an office or den where you pay bills or do you normally sit at the kitchen table?  Do you love to cook most meals or does your family eat out more often than not?  Once you’ve listed the purposes of the room, begin organizing by removing anything that does not match those purposes.  

Hang Hooks on Cabinet Doors: Make use of previously wasted space in your cabinets by adding hooks to the inside of the doors. We especially like the chalkboard version with common measurement conversions written out.

Obar Kitchen Multi Storage ($72): Ditch the cardboard boxes (they’re terrible at tearing plastic wrap and foil anyway) in favor of this organizer that keeps your paper towels and two rolls of wrap at the ready.

The kitchen d├ęcor Ideas, practicality is a must.  A new fruit bowl, an decorative basket for incoming mail or schoolwork, an aloe or herb plant in a lovely planter and a stone or wooden cup for pens and pencils can all be useful while adding accents of color and interest to the room.

The countertops and the pantry Just like any other closet, it is important to pull everything out of your pantry once or twice a year to make sure that items are not expired and nothing perishable has fallen behind and out of sight.  Food is not going to last forever and the smell of a bag of rotting potatoes is not a pleasant one.

A kitchen is a perfect place for the use of organizing bins and labels.  Unless you live alone, there are multiple people who will all need to use the kitchen so having frequently used items easily accessible and clearly labeled will save everyone time and frustration. If your containers are not clear, a label is a must.

Magnetic Spice Jars If you are forever grabbing spices from your cabinet, consider keeping them closer at hand. Don’t want to take over your freezer door? Consider putting the magnetic holders on a couple of rows of magnetic knife strips instead. (via Instructables).

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