Friday, 27 February 2015

Creative Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining room lighting plays a vital role in adding glamour to your home. They make your dining room more lively, bright and stylish. There are some really beautiful dining room lighting options available today. While choosing a light fixture, keep the size, shape and colour of your dining room and dining table.

Have variety of light sources

Instead of trying to light your dining area by using only a single source of light, illuminate it using various sources. Having different types of lights in your dining area can also serve as additional decors to your dining area. Also, when you have a single chandelier or overhead lighting as a source of light, it could be too bright making it uncomfortable. So, avoid creating a glare by using multiple layers of light.

Try using a dimmer switch

The dining area is one of the places for gathering. You can use a dimmer switch in order to create a different ambience for various purposes in using the area. If you have an intimate dinner party, you can dim the lights. If your kids are working on the table, then you can give the area great amount of light.

Use pendant lights

You can also use pendant lights in the dining area. Hang them low to allow the shades to take center stage. Choose a pendant light that fits your dining area decor. This can greatly add appeal to your area aside from the light it omits. But when you hang it, make sure that you do not hang it so low that it touches the head of those dining.

Track Lighting

The main advantage of these modern track lighting is that they can be focused at any point as per your preference. They provide a good amount of light, so if you are considering using track lighting, other light fixtures may not be required.

Recessed Lights

These lights are set close to the ceiling and do the job of accenting the dining table and the furniture around it. This is considered a modern arrangement of lighting the dining room. Just make sure that you do not fix these type of lights very close to each other.

Lights on Ceiling Fans

Lights on ceiling fans are also a good option to light your dining room. If you want to create a dull lighting atmosphere for having the meal, you can put these arrangements with no other lighting. In some cases, you may use candles to enhance the mood. You can find many attractive designs in an interior decorating shop.

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