Friday, 25 October 2013

Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Him

Romantic and even sexy evening wear isn't just for the ladies! Surprise your man on Valentine's Day with a dashing and handsome set of luxurious satin pajamas that even Hugh Hefner would be proud to wear! Just take a look at the elegant men's pajama set from Personalization Mall, an online boutique of gifts that can be personalized by you. This website offers a wide range of gifts that vary from super wacky and fun to timeless and classic.

Valentines Day is, perhaps, the most awaited day in a year. Whether it is your first love or you are in the 20th year of your wedding, the edible Valentine gifts mentioned in this blog are sure to notch up the romance in  air. There are numerous edible gifts to choose from - chocolates and brownies, cupcakes and ice creams, each being attractive in its own right.

Pick Punch

You could give him a gift card OR you could give him a device to help him actually use the leftover plastic when he’s spent the gift cards he got for Christmas. The Pick Punch® cuts functional guitar picks from credit cards, gift cards, and similar sheets of thin plastic, so it’s a great way to show your Valentine that he rocks.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Red – the color of love, chocolate – the flavor of love! And, when they come together in a bite-sized goodie, words know no bounds. That is what these cupcakes are all about. Deep-red hued cocoa flavored cupcake with the richness of butter, these goodies will be ready in just 50 minutes. Pipe on a simple white cream cheese frosting that perfectly complements the cupcake hue. The picture shows how simply you can decorate it. To zest up the romantic spirits, sprinkle few decorative glitters atop the frosting, or even easier, place a red heart.

Chocolate Cake

Indulge in a decadent with this heart-shaped chocolate cake topped off with chocolate frosting and decorated with strawberries! Along with the fact that both the goodies are aphrodisiacs, they are something over which any person will love to drool over! The good news here is that you do not need any prior baking experience to bake this enchanting baked delicacy.

Heart Shaped Valentine Brownies

The word brownies itself is drool worthy! Romantic and seductive, these sinful indulgences get more appealing as Valentines’ Day gift when they are in the form a heart. Covered with chocolate frosting and adorned with pink-hued vanilla frosting and candy sprinkles, these are perhaps the most luscious and simplest among the food gifts for Valentines’ Day.

Food Gifts

Food is always a perfect gift option. For an alternative to traditional chocolates, give a basket of sausage, crackers, cheese and a good wine. You can also find bakery baskets for as little as $10. If you are set on chocolate, consider a basket filled with mugs, packets of hot chocolate and other treats.