Thursday, 19 March 2015

Colorful Easter Decorations Ideas For Good Housekeeping

The best part of Easter at the home is the egg hunting. I might have more fun with that than the kids!  I really enjoy decorating best home for this time of the year but I like uncomplicated and easy Easter decorating ideas. I’m not sure about you, but I invest so much time and effort to decorate best home during Christmas that I don’t want to spend too much time and money with Easter decorations.

Like any kind of decor, I like to buy reusable things so I can collect them over the years. I also like to mix the reusable pieces with fresh flowers and plants to add more color and a more natural feel to the decor.Take a look at these Easter Decorating Ideas. You’ll see that most of them are easy to do and they really won’t take much of your time.                              

Egg Candles Besides being the main Easter motive, eggs can also be used as a means of illumination. Cute egg shaped candles in pastel colors will look great both as a part of an Easter table centerpiece or as an independent decoration item. Besides just being lovely, these candles look delicate and even romantic decorations.

Easter Egg Vase We just can’t imagine Easter without beautiful spring flowers and you should surely have them on your dinner table. If so, why not have flowers in an egg-shaped vase? Such a vase is practical and can be used throughout the year both to keep flowers in it, and to decorate your mantel, coffee table, or shelves.

Bunny And Bunny Ears Bunny makes a house livelier, even ears of the creature are good decoration ideas. You can place it on the mantelpiece, on the door, dining tables, wardrobe, and cloth hangers. Bunny ears can be put up at various places. Use ears of different sizes and colors. This adds variety to decoration. You can put bunny ears on other animal goodies as well.

Having a table centerpiece makes every meal special. One of the favorite ideas that can be used for many party occasions is a wheat grass centerpiece. Add different details to make your table centerpiece beautiful and appropriate for this or that occasion. As to Easter, chocolate bunnies, eggs (both egg shells and wooden ones will do), real and silk flowers, paper carrots, sweets and even small candles can be used for decoration. Note that wheat seeds take about ten days to sprout.

Flowers and eggs wraths decorating your friends’ doors before so to avoid copying their last season’s ideas create this unique spring door decoration by putting flowers and blown out painted eggs in an umbrella. This beautiful flower “vase” doesn’t need any additional investments but your creativity. Take an old umbrella, real or silk flowers, a ribbon, several blown out eggs, paper egg nests, and just arrange them according to your taste.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Smart Organizing Ideas For Your Kitchen

The first step to making meal time easier? Starting with an organized kitchen! If you know where all your utensils, pots and pans, and ingredients are it will make getting dinner on the table that much faster. We’ve rounded up 13 products and ideas that will help you get your kitchen in tip top shape. Your next culinary masterpiece is waiting.

We don't know anyone who isn't perpetually pursuing a neater, more organized kitchen. That's why we're always on the lookout for great ideas and inspiration the best way to organize small bags of flour, for example, or how to set up your fridge to best serve your cooking. And of course, we could look at pictures of organized kitchen cabinets and shelves all day long.                              
The best place to begin is to clarify your goal by writing down the types of activities that will occur in this particular place. Does the kitchen need to house kids’ craft items, or is there another room more suitable for this?  Is there an office or den where you pay bills or do you normally sit at the kitchen table?  Do you love to cook most meals or does your family eat out more often than not?  Once you’ve listed the purposes of the room, begin organizing by removing anything that does not match those purposes.  

Hang Hooks on Cabinet Doors: Make use of previously wasted space in your cabinets by adding hooks to the inside of the doors. We especially like the chalkboard version with common measurement conversions written out.

Obar Kitchen Multi Storage ($72): Ditch the cardboard boxes (they’re terrible at tearing plastic wrap and foil anyway) in favor of this organizer that keeps your paper towels and two rolls of wrap at the ready.

The kitchen d├ęcor Ideas, practicality is a must.  A new fruit bowl, an decorative basket for incoming mail or schoolwork, an aloe or herb plant in a lovely planter and a stone or wooden cup for pens and pencils can all be useful while adding accents of color and interest to the room.

The countertops and the pantry Just like any other closet, it is important to pull everything out of your pantry once or twice a year to make sure that items are not expired and nothing perishable has fallen behind and out of sight.  Food is not going to last forever and the smell of a bag of rotting potatoes is not a pleasant one.

A kitchen is a perfect place for the use of organizing bins and labels.  Unless you live alone, there are multiple people who will all need to use the kitchen so having frequently used items easily accessible and clearly labeled will save everyone time and frustration. If your containers are not clear, a label is a must.

Magnetic Spice Jars If you are forever grabbing spices from your cabinet, consider keeping them closer at hand. Don’t want to take over your freezer door? Consider putting the magnetic holders on a couple of rows of magnetic knife strips instead. (via Instructables).

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Beautiful And Elegant Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Most Beautiful Bedrooms come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, so how do you design your own? We've got your bedroom decorating inspiration here. With more than 80 bedrooms (and styles) to choose from, there's an idea for everyone.Need ideas for other areas of your home? best bathroom and living room design galleries have hundreds of gorgeous ideas to steal.

Bedroom decorating ideas we've got them all. Whether you're looking for a sleep sanctuary or design ideas that are a little more 'out there' (and why not?) we have hundreds of bedroom pictures to make bedroom design a cinch. Bedroom designs don't have to mean a complete overhaul, sometimes a tiny tweak like bedroom fairy lights can have just as much impact as your bedroom furniture. So take a look at these easy-to-steal bedroom decorating ideas.                        

Create a bedroom design that easily accommodates your morning-to-nighttime needs. Purchase stylish bedroom extras, such as storage trunks, garden seats, media centers, cushy reading chairs, nightstands, and dressing tables that meet your every need and make your routine run more smoothly. Forgo so-yesterday matchy-matchy pieces. Instead fuse new and old furnishings and rustic and refined flourishes to create bedroom designs that spillover with collected comfort.

If you have a spare bedroom to redecorate, include a combination of furniture and furnishings that will be versatile enough to accommodate guests of all shapes and sizes an older couple one week and two young children or teenage friends the next. Always go for twin beds rather than a double to keep your options open. Just as in a main bedroom, if you have the space, double up on bedside cabinets, table lamps and storage. Leave the space under the bed clear for storing visitors’ suitcases neatly out of view.

In a master bedroom, you will need to assess the space you have and work out a plan for positioning furniture. If you are lucky enough to have an en-suite bathroom or a dressing room you may be able to move some bedroom storage elements into those rooms, freeing up your bedroom to the simplest of layouts. Centre the bed to allow you to have a bedside table and reading lamp on either side. Before placing other furniture think about how you will use the room. Keep in mind that you will need space for dressing and undressing.

The bedroom’s sitting area faces the bed and glass topped coffee table. A small work area is centered behind the custom-designed sofa, piped in gray. A slipcovered armchair sits beside the classic fireplace. “We wanted the room to be sophisticated without being too formal,” notes designer Joan Craig of the metallic finishes ranging from the silver leaf bed to mirrors and glass bedside lamps that enhance the night room’s quiet chic. “They accessorize the space like the right piece of jewelry accessorizes a couture outfit.

Creamy Toile Bedroom Sepia-toned “Harwood Toile” from Cowtan & Tout covers the walls and curtains in this European-inspired guest bedroom. The homeowners’ collection of German Black Forest carvings includes the vintage table lamp, a charming detail that is echoed in the toile’s pastoral scenes.

Cool Neutral Master Bedroom This master bedroom is cocooned in serene neutrals and loaded with rich textures. The bed from Lee Jofa is upholstered in nickel-colored fabric with a marble-like pattern. Drapery and a framed sketch above the bed lend interest; a fluffy Flokati rug at the foot of the bed adds a touch of playfulness

Serene Bedroom with Delicate Patterns Soothing neutrals and comforting patterns give this master bedroom a restful ambience. Bedding from Chelsea Textiles is delicately embroidered with a floral pattern to reflect the gingham bed curtains and headboard fabric. Wallpaper from Cowtan & Tout lends subtle color.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For A 1BHK Flat

Decorating a small home is a much more challenging task. You have to take many difficulties but necessary decisions while doing the interior decoration. But with these interior ideas for 1BHK homes, you should be able to do up your house in style.

1 BHK is typically a building that has 1 Bedroom, 1 Hall and 1 Kitchen. This 1BHK could either be a flat which is called as 1BHK flat or it can be an apartment which is popularly known as 1BHK apartment. There are many property sites that has various listings of 1 BHK flat for rent or 1 BHK apartment for rent. Some people would also search for 1 bedroom apartments for rent or 1 bedroom apartments or 1 bedroom flat to rent.

Here are the basic things that you require in a 1BHK apartment.

Colour Coding

A lot of doors and curtains make your house look smaller and clumsier. That’s the reason, you must use wall paint colours to demarcate areas in a tiny space. For example, you could paint one wall all red and the dining table against it. That becomes your dinning room inside the Hall.

Foldable Furniture

As many people look for interior ideas for 1BHK homes nowadays, foldable furniture is a rage. This sort of furniture is compact and saves space. Additionally, it have dual utility, For example sofa-cum-beds, foldable breakfast counters etc have been in very high demand nowadays.


You apartment should have curtains. They add a touch of elegance to the rooms and also makes the house look decorated. If your apartment is bright and gets full sunlight, use bright colours like orange or light blue. Men can use these colours whereas single women can use pink curtains. Use your creative skills to decorate the curtains with curtain rings or clutches.

Study table

Most of the working professionals or students staying in small BHKs, have a laptop and some books or novels. Why not buy a small table to keep them in style? Use a small corner in the living room and place the study table. Use lamps and stands to decorate the table and make the living room look fuller.

Small bed/sofa/chairs

Your room will have a bed or a mattress but what about the hall? You cannot leave it empty. So, place a small bed or mattress in the living room. You can also decorate the hall with sofa set or go plain with chairs. Hang decorated beads on the wall to make the sitting area bright and lively.

Rug mat

These days, rug mats are found in the living room, bedroom and in the study too. You can place soft rug mats in the living room near the bean bag or television set to relax and sit freely. Rug mats look cool. If you have sofa, place them underneath the center table to add a touch of elegance.