Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to Clean Greasy Kitchen Appliances

Grease stains are a common result of handling oily foods and applying cooking oils. As you interact with various appliances in your kitchen, it is almost inevitable why these stains will appear about doors, handle-grips and everything else that you touch. But it isn't just touching or spilling of which spreads stains: Minute particles of oil can be in the smoky smoke that rises as ingredients cook.

Cleaning your kitchen full of dirty greased utensils definitely appears like a complex task. On the other hand, you need not concern yourself with cleaning these items because it is fairly simple, yet little time-consuming. It is important to scrub all kitchen equipments after use in order to get rid of stubborn stains and grease which are hard to wash.


It is true that vinegar can be smelly, but in order to lose the greasy stain from a kitchen utensils, vinegar can be of great help. Simply mix the white vinegar into water and bathe the vessels in it for a few minutes. Wipe away the wreak havoc on a cotton cloth. A plastic or scrubber can also be very effective in removing kitchen grease.

Grease paper 

You could be surprised but it holds true. To get rid of any stubborn grease from your current kitchen utensils, all you should do is to take any transparent paper and oil it with some fat. Rub this paper around the stained sticky utensils. Once you are done with rubbing, wash the utensils which has a dishwasher.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is around the popularity charts for many natural home remedies. If your greasy appliance has dried up, use baking soda to scrub up the mess. Intended for better results, use your kitchen sponge and sprinkle some baking soda with it to clean the kitchen appliances.

Vegetable oil

If all else fails, a surprising grease remover is non in addition to —grease! A natural vegetable oil on a paper towel can remove a really difficult stain. Follow up with one of several methods above for of which like-new sparkle.

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