Friday, 20 December 2013

Best Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen design is looking very exciting for as several design philosophies are converging and mixing, leading to kitchens that are highly personal.” Serra adds “With the economy still trudging along with no spring in its step, homeowners are interested smart for longevity which means neutral finishes for big ticket items for example cabinetry, countertops and flooring. Clean, modern styles with warm touches continue their popularity.

The fantastic thing about kitchen Design right now is that anything goes,This means that regardless of your preference of traditional over modern, or perhaps your love of marble over granite, there’s something trendy to fit into every budget and suit just about any homeowner’s tastes.

Modern Traditional

If you’re looking for any kitchen with a timeless look but don’t would like it to appear too traditional, place the focus on contrast and juxtaposition. “Contrasting colours, unusual lighting, decorative finishes along with a mix of hardware are great methods to take a classic look and provide it a modern edge,” says Meredith. Try different hued doors around the upper and lower cabinets or a super sleek kitchen by having an oversized stunning chandelier within the dinner table.


Homeowners are increasingly looking to create professional quality into their own kitchens. Statement rangehoods matched with large cookers and ovens assistance to tie the robust stainless look together, while the extra cooking capacity enables you to create restaurant quality meals in your house. Cast iron trivets and easy to reach burner controls offer precision, letting you take your cooking to the next level.


When space reaches a premium, you want your appliances to provide as much as possible. Creating a complete kitchen solution could be tricky in an apartment or any other small space, so all-in-one little options mean that you don’t need to compromise on technology due to a smaller size.


This sleek and contemporary aesthetic is really a timeless look that many people now choose. Clean lines for example stainless steel combine with some of the latest in kitchen innovation to make a modern space. Built-in appliances, pyrolitic ovens and eye-catching rangehoods are synonymous with this trend, while black ceramic cooktops provide a modern twist on the kitchen staple.


Why don't you make a statement with dark and glossy appliances? Furthermore they look great, but they are practical too- hiding dirt and requiring little maintenance. The growing trend of ebony and charcoal appliances is evolving the definition of ‘whitegoods’. Personality meets functionality for any stunning and sophisticated result, and you may add as much or less than you like, from fridges, dishwashers to surefire trivets on cooktops.

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