Thursday, 26 December 2013

Best Bathroom Makeover Tips On A Budget

Bathroom remodel isn't in your budget, simply updating an inferior aspect of your bathroom can still have significant impact. New tile, cabinets, lighting or plumbing fixtures can provide the room a whole new style. Update the walls having a fresh coat of paint or use drywall to supply texture for a faux look. To maintain recent trends, some people are even updating their electrical systems to support in-bathroom TVs, stereos, and towel warmers.

Probably the most out of your makeover, keep in mind the way the bathroom is used and choose that will possess the greatest impact as well as will positively affect your health. The key to a small Bathroom Makeover would be to pick one or two projects and concentrate all of your creativity and budget on those.

Update Fixtures

Next, consider the little details. You can update lighting fixtures, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawer pulls for any relatively small investment. These things may seem insignificant, but updating them can produce a big difference in your bathroom’s look.

Bathroom walls

To revitalise your overall paintwork, try giving the region a good scrub - you’ll be amazed how much brighter it’ll look. But when you do fancy getting the brushes out, decorating your bathroom with the addition of a brand new splash of colour can dramatically alter the whole feel of the room.

Bathroom cabinets

Grotty old cabinets is definitely an ugly blemish on an otherwise sparkling bathroom, particularly when they’re wall-mounted at eye-level, making them the first thing that takes the attention on entering the room. If they’re falling to pieces and beyond repair, then you’re confronted with little choice but to rid and replace.


Because bathrooms are often not the biggest rooms in the home (in fact they’re often the smallest), replacing the flooring could be within your budget. From tiles, to stone slabs, to cushioned flooring, you've got a range of options. Carpet is better avoided as it absorbs moisture and may become rotten and harbour germs. Wooden flooring is fine so long as it’s sealed good enough, so do check before you buy.


Painting your walls is a of the easiest ways to update any room in the home, and bathrooms are no exception. Many bathrooms feature out-of-date wallpaper, cracked and peeling paint or drab color palettes. To own room a dramatic change, completely take away the wallpaper or sand down any older damaged paint before you apply a coat of mildew-resistant paint that will help maintain the look for a longer period of time.

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