Friday, 8 May 2015

Simple Ways to Reduce Pet Allergies At Home

Allergens are a fact of life in homes with dogs. Dead skin, saliva and pet waste are all sources of allergens that, depending on each individual person, can trigger an allergic reaction.

But there are ways to reduce pet allergens in your home through a combination of housecleaning, using products and setting aside portions of your home to be dog-free, if your allergies demand that level of care.

Choose a Short Haired Pet

Though pet hair is actually not the key cause of pet allergy triggers, choosing a short haired pet can still help towards controlling symptoms. This is because allergic reactions to pets are actually caused by skin particles and animal saliva. These are more likely to reach you by travelling on pet hair. Therefore, choosing a pet with shorter hair, and one that does not shed hair badly, will help to minimize reactions.

Wash Hands after Petting

Allergy sufferers should always wash their hands after petting a cat – a gentle hypoallergenic soap and warm water is sufficient enough to remove any microscopic allergens which may remain on hands and arms after petting kitties.

Bathe and Brush Puppy Often

People who have allergies to dogs are often experiencing a reaction to pet dander – microscopic flakes of dead skin which are occasionally shed. Bathing and brushing dogs on a consistent schedule will help to remove pet dander before it is released into the home – and before it can cause a flare-up of dog allergies. Professional grooming services which completely brush out the undercoat can also help to remove dander accumulation.

Remove Pet Dander from the Home

Frequent vacuuming and air filter maintenance can prevent the accumulation of pet dander in the home and greatly reduce symptoms of cat allergies. To remove as much pet dander as possible, use a vacuum with a strong filtration system, and change air filters in the home air duct systems as soon as they begin to look dirty.

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