Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to Clean Your Wooden Dining Tables

A wood dining room table is usually the centerpiece of a formal dining room. Depending on the family, a dining room table can take quite a bit of abuse. Between being a prime location for doing homework and family meals a wood dining room table will need the occasional cleaning to keep it looking nice. With proper care and a little effort, a wood dining room table can last for many generations.

Cleaning Wooden Dining Tables 

  • Cleaning a wooden dining table is not that easy although it might seem like. The best way to clean your dining room table is with the help of lemon. 
  • To tackle oil stains on your wooden dining table, sprinkle a drop or two of lemon on the stains. Use a soft rug to gently wipe the stains after few minutes. The oil stain comes out easily.
  • If you have a wax stain on your wooden dining table, the best way to clean it is with the help of a banana peel. Rub the peel directly on the wax stain and after five minutes, use a rough cloth to remove the wax.
  • Although Polishing is helpful yet not essential, it is very important that you at least dust and clean your furniture, preferably once a week. It can be dusted with an average cloth and then cleaned with a cloth that has been in warm water and a small amount of dish soap. However, be careful not to drench the cloth, it should be damp/moist but not soaking. Finally any tight gaps or crevices use an old toothbrush or paintbrush to get into these harder areas.
  • If you like the paint on an old piece of furniture but it appears a bit worn (and you don’t want to repaint or refinish the piece), rub a little mineral oil into it. This will get rid of caked-on dust and brighten up the color. An alternative way to clean a painted piece is to wash it with mild dishwashing liquid.

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