Thursday, 2 January 2014

Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The first kitchen remodeling tip is to think about the three basic kitchen functions: storage, preparing food, and clean-up. A well-thought out kitchen design will accommodate all these three functions.Ease of movement and convenient layout of kitchen design is essential. The classic work triangle ought to be the basis of the floor plan. The kitchen sink, refrigerator, and stove, because the three kitchen features used usually, should be arranged in a triangular pattern.

kitchen is really a small area with limited space on the floor. Numerous remodeling options include actually expanding a little kitchen's physical size, increasing its efficiency, increasing the aesthetics and making it look and feel more spacious. Prioritize the specified changes for your kitchen, set a remodeling budget and see your aesthetic preferences before starting any kitchen updates. Find inspiration for the kitchen remodeling ideas in magazines, books, home improvement stores along with a consultation with an interior designer.


Typically the most popular kitchen update is installing new energy-efficient appliances, like a dual-fuel range with convection double ovens, a high-tech range hood, a power STAR-certified refrigerator, and a water-saving paneled dishwasher.


Once you have chosen appliances, it’s important to construct the area with ingenuity. The most crucial space in a kitchen is the area between your cooking surface and the sink. So long as this space is at least 36” you won’t feel cramped during meal preparation. Whether or not the cooktop has to be within 6-9” of the tiled wall, it’s good to maintain these measurements for easy cooking. Then place the refrigerator against a wall, hidden from high traffic areas.


Avoid wall cabinets, which enclose an area. As an alternative, use floating shelves. Dishes and glasses look wonderful on open shelves and therefore are easy to access and to put away. For closed food storage, use tall cabinets which are as narrow as 6”; you’ll be amazed at the amount of food that may fit into this space. Stop these cabinets at approximately five to six feet high, since reachable space is easily the most crucial. Leaving some wall areas free for artwork helps to make the place feel more expansive. Additionally, when the kitchen can be opened onto an adjoining room, a good galley area all of a sudden appears to be a substantial space.


Dark hardwood flooring with narrow, glossy planks add a high end, modern feel to a kitchen. They also assistance to anchor a floor, providing striking contrast against light-colored walls. Furnish a little kitchen with useful furniture pieces which are in scale with its size. For instance, a petite kitchen island can offer a spot for preparing food and storing kitchen items. Add backless barstools around it to provide convenient seating for an informal dinner. Slide the stools underneath a tropical for storage until they're needed. A bistro set or perhaps a small table pulled up to some kitchen window seat provides a cozy diner.


Even a small kitchen can usually benefit from the inclusion of a work triangle in the remodeling plan. The concept of a kitchen work triangle was really developed in the for small kitchens with large appliances. A kitchen triangle connects a sink, range, and refrigerator -- the 3 primary work areas -- to really make it more efficient and functional. The recommended distance in between each of these work areas ought to be a minimum of 4 feet along with a maximum of 9 feet.

Doors and windows

Consider knocking out a non-load-bearing wall from a kitchen and living or diner to increase the physical space in a tiny kitchen. Check with your local government for required building permits along with other residential remodeling regulations before beginning any structural changes. Removing a whole wall or a section of it makes a more open and airy environment. Installing a skylight or light tube within the roof can also help to brighten a little natural kitchen light. 

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